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You can go into System Preferences and drill down to the panel for each of these icons and uncheck a box to show its icon in the menu bar, but a quicker way to remove these icons is to hold down the Command key and drag them off the menu bar. You can also use Command-drag to move these icons to a different spot on the menu bar should you want to change the order in which they appear.

Be careful you don't accidentally drag them off of the menu bar because they will go "poof! You can use the Command-drag maneuver to reorder many third-party app icons on the menu bar, but I found I couldn't use it to remove them from the menu bar. Also, you can't drag to reorder the Spotlight and Notification Center icons; they remain next to one another in the right-hand corner.

Optional: Replacing the Clock With Itsycal

You have three options for how the Fast User Switching icon is displayed in the menu bar. When I installed Yosemite, the default was my full name. Since I don't change accounts all that often on my MacBook, I don't need to display the active user's name in the menu bar. To gain a bit more room in the menu bar, I opted for the more compact icon.

The third option is account name. Then click on Login Options from the left panel and then make your pick from the pull-down menu to the right of the Show fast user switching menu as setting. And if you don't want to display this icon in the menu bar, just uncheck its box. If you have a MacBook, then you likely use the battery icon in the menu bar to know when to retreat to a wall outlet.

Introducing InstaCal

If you like to ballpark it at a glance, then you can hide the percentage of battery life remaining and just use the icon. To do so, click on the battery icon and select Show Percentage. When hidden, you can do the same and again select Show Percentage. And if you use a stationary MacBook that's always plugged in, you can hide the battery icon by clicking on the icon, selecting Open Energy Saver Preferences , and unchecking the box for Show battery status in menu bar. You have a number of options for how the date and time are displayed on the menu bar.

If you have a crowded menu bar, you can choose to display the time as analog, which displays only a tiny but working clock icon while hiding the date. As tempting as this is for my cluttered menu bar, I find the icon too small to be useful. And I like to show the date but not the day of the week.

I use the volume keys to adjust my MacBook's audio output, so I've banished the volume icon from the menu bar.

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Do you mean this? If so - I hope it helps. Looks like that just hides items Most of the items on the Menu Bar are items I want there But with the limited screen size of my MacBook Air particularly, they can run into the app menu and get lost Bartender allows me to have another bar for lesser used items, but items I still want access to and I can toggle them.

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If only I could remove the Spotlight and Notification Center icons just as easily, without third-party support. Allmost all of them work as of Sierra.

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Apple added this behaviour to third-party apps. Articles like this is one of the things I like about MacRumors. Jeff Benjamin and Ben Lovejoy being two writers that come to mind over there. The latter on home kit automation, and interesting editorials on WHY certain decisions Apple or whoever may have taken. MR is great too, I agree.

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Add Date to the Menu Bar in Mac OS X [How-to]

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Put a handy calendar in your Mac menubar – The Graphic Mac

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