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  1. How to add, remove, edit and move bookmarks in Firefox for iOS
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They are saved in a folder called bookmarkbackups. You can find this folder in your Firefox profile directory. To replace lost bookmarks, simply copy the backup file to your profile folder one level up and rename it to "bookmarks. Basics: Bookmarking a page. Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar.

How to add, remove, edit and move bookmarks in Firefox for iOS

Firefox's Bookmark Manager. Live Bookmarks. Firefox adds the folder on the right end of the Bookmarks bar, but you can drag it to any other location on the bar.

Add Bookmarks To The Firefox Bookmarks Tool Bar

Right-click in an empty area in the right pane, select New Folder and enter a name for the folder. Drag bookmarks into the new folder. You can select multiple bookmarks using the Shift and Ctrl keys and drag them into the folder at one time. On the Library dialog box, you can temporarily view your bookmarks and folders in different sorted views. Select the group of bookmarks and folders you want to sort under All Bookmarks.

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Or select a tag under Tags to sort all bookmarks with the same tag. You can only sort on one level of bookmarks and folders, whether it be the top level or inside a folder.

Add the Bookmarks Menu Button to the Toolbar

Once you sort a different level, the previous level you sorted becomes unsorted. For example, we sorted on the Bookmarks Toolbar. But if we go into a folder, like Tech Sites , and sort there, the Bookmarks Toolbar is no longer sorted. The sorting feature only sorts bookmarks and folders on the Library dialog box.

Bookmarks and folders on the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks Menu are not affected. You can manually rearrange your bookmarks and folders on the Library dialog box.

Import bookmarks & settings - Google Chrome Help

Use the left pane to navigate to the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks Menu , and then to the folder you want if you want to rearrange the bookmarks inside a folder. Click and drag a bookmark in the right pane to another location in the list to move it. To move the bookmark into a subfolder, drag the bookmark on top of that subfolder.

When you sort your bookmarks manually, the sorted order is reflected on the Bookmarks Toolbar, the Bookmarks Menu, and on the sidebar. The Library dialog box also allows you to back up your bookmarks and import and export bookmarks to and from other browsers.

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Restoring bookmarks will replace all current bookmarks in Firefox. You can open the exported HTML file in any browser and click the links to access your bookmarks. And you can use the exported HTML file to import your Firefox bookmarks into other browsers that may not support direct transfer of bookmarks. Browsers still pay attention to bookmarks. And you should too.

A well-organized bookmarks folder saves you the bother of installing any third-party apps with doubtful futures. Here are the best Xmarks alternatives to use. But you can also export and import bookmarks manually to back them up in a safe place. Explore more about: Mozilla Firefox , Online Bookmarks.

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Adding a Website to Your Favorites or Bookmarks Bar

By default, your bookmarks will sync on all of them. If you already had bookmarks in Chrome, the imported bookmarks are added to the "Other bookmarks" folder at the end of the bookmarks bar. Chrome exports your bookmarks as an HTML file. Use this file to import your bookmarks into another browser.

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