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Stata download and installation guide for MacO/S

The Stata Installation Qualification Tool IQT verifies that Stata has been installed properly and that any subsequent software updates are also installed properly. If you have a different version of Stata, please visit the main Stata IQT page to download the appropriate tool for your version of Stata. Start the Stata IQT. The report contains summary information that includes the date the report was created; the user who created the report; the name and operating system of the computer on which the report was created; information about the Stata installation being checked; and counts of files checked, passed, failed, and missing.

The report also includes a detailed listing of every file checked by the Stata IQT. For each file, bit MD5 checksums are calculated and compared against the official checksum for that file. A file is marked as not applicable if it is an official Stata file but is not required for this installation of Stata and is not found.

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Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software. Go Stata. Purchase Products Training Support Company. Under Windows, if you do not have Java installed, the Stata IQT will prompt you to download and install the latest version. Mac OS X through Mac OS X Browse to and select the Stata installation directory.

If Stata is installed in a standard location, this directory is selected automatically. Obtain the current qualification source file by using one of these methods: Click on the link labeled download qualification source Download the qualification source file for your operating system: Windows Statawin. You don't want every photo you've ever taken popping up when you type in "im" as the first two letters. Generally one or two levels is sufficient. This can be set in the "Catalog" preference pane. You may also want to turn off the iTunes module.

This allows you to switch to any song, but also really slows down the search and indexing since most people have thousands of songs, podcasts, and in my case, books on tape. It's simple: you go to the Dock, and you click the icon, right? That's one way. There are at least two others. But it's certainly an easy way to launch programs. Just mouse over to the Stata icon and click it: If you hold down the mouse button, or right-click the icon, you get a minimal menu: Advantages: no keystrokes; only one click required.

Disadvantages: Note that if you're completely mouse-averse, as I am when working with just a trackpad, you can maneuver through the Dock with the keyboard. This activates the Dock: Now you can just use the arrow keys to move down to Stata. This functionality is built into Macs for accessibility reasons I think but it obviously can be helpful at other times. However, it's too many keystrokes for everyday use. The dock re-appears when you mouse over in its area.

Disadvantages: I'm still using OS It chugs when you start it up, and spends too much time finding useless files hits? By the way, there are two copies of the application because I have a clone backup hard drive mounted, so Spotlight sees a copy of Stata on the backup drive as well. Quicksilver: This is my preferred method for launching Stata. Quicksilver is an amazing utility that launches applications, runs scripts, searches folders, performs basic calculations, searches the internet, opens bookmarked pages and even modifies text files.

Read more about it here. I am a huge advocate of this program, it's the single most useful piece of free software I've got and that's really saying something. Quicksilver is invoked with Control-space bar and looks like this: If I type in "st" then Stata will pop up, and I just need to press enter to launch: I can also navigate through folders, and open specific files rather than just the executable.

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Let's look at an old log file: We can also perform other actions on the Stata executable like Reveal, Get Info, or move file: And Quicksilver isn't just for applications; it takes many kinds of inputs including URLs, files and text. Here's a quick way to copy a log file to the desktop: Advantages: no mousing required; faster than Spotlight; allows for other actions on Stata executable Get Info, Reveal in Finder, Display Path ; quick file launch of logs and.

Disadvantages: can be complicated. As you can probably tell, I'm very pleased with Quicksilver's functionality and I'll deal with it more in the next few posts. Many scholars I know also use LaTex as a bibliography management tool, though I prefer Bookends even if it's not free. I have also recommended freeware options for text editing, either Textwrangler or Smultron. This is tremendously useful for things you'd like to remember, but have no desire to bookmark permanently. Here's what it looks like it's the symbol :.

Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software

Suppose I've found a piece of software that I may want to download later. You can export an HTML file with links, a text list, or just open all of the pages in separate browser tabs: There are no keyboard shortcuts, which is too bad, but the interface couldn't be simpler.

Urls can be dragged from other applications: I most frequently use this to move blog posts from NetNewsWire for later reading. So a kind-hearted web citizen is currently hosting a site for downloading URLWell. The advantage - or disadvantage, depending on how you see it - of Hallon is that you can bookmark anything: emails, iTunes songs, blog posts, Finder folders.

How to download Stata for Mac

That might be a little more than I need right now, though I'm intrigued by the idea. If you're wondering about the names, Smultron means "Strawberry" in Swedish, so his other programs are Hallon raspberry and Lingon lingonberry, a Scandinavian fruit you may recognize from IKEA jams. I'm going to add a freeware link list on the side of the site. Not all of them will be Stata-related, but I think they can all be helpful to Mac users.

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DocumentPalette is an odd little freeware utility I discovered a few months ago. It's definitely not something everyone will find useful, but it does provide a way of quickly creating a new Stata. Document Palette allows you to define file templates that can be automatically inserted into any folder. Here's an example: I'll define a basic Stata. Now I'll save that file to the desktop as basic. A transparent window pops up allowing you to insert various files in this folder I've mentioned a lot of small freeware programs on this site, but these are the workhorses of daily academic life: word processors, reference managers, and organizational tools.

Here are my top five: 1. Posted by Adam at AM 44 comments:. In addition to its other wonderful features, you can use TextWrangler to save ready-made Stata templates. Posted by Adam at PM 1 comment:. If you're never used Quicksilver , it's the number one freeware Mac utility for any system. Quicksilver gets more use per day that any of these, no matter what I'm doing.

That's because it's essential a shortcut program that minimizes the keystrokes required for repetitive tasks. Posted by Adam at AM No comments:. Launching Stata doesn't initially seem like an issue worthy of discussion. Posted by Adam at PM No comments:. Learn LaTeX Online? This seems like an interesting web application: If you want to "test drive" LaTex without downloading it, there is now a web application for you: Learn and Use LaTeX Online with MonkeyTex When I taught statistics I learned to use LaTex , a very helpful program for typesetting equations.

While we used Stata for the in-class assignments, I used Latex constantly to create handouts, exam review sheets and homework PDFs.