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Any ideas on how to fix it? All sorted, it was a rookie error! The formula auditing functionality is not in Excel Moreover in Excel and there is a Ribbon tab for Formulas and a sub-section for Formula Auditing, which has an option for Evaluate Formula. Any ideas? If running parallels on a mac, and using the windows version of excel , do the general shortcuts work correctly f2 to edit, f4 to repeat last action, alt e-s-v to paste special, etc.

Thanks Gregory. The biggest problem I have with Parallels is remembering to turn off my automatic Time Machine backup, which tends to slow things way down when it runs. I am running Windows 7 and Excel on my MacBook Pro using Parallels and am impressed with the overall performance.

Full Screen mode [Parallels Desktop] How to Switch Between Mac and Windows

My one concern is that i cannot figure out how to do select all or skip to last cell shortcuts in the MS Excel version. I took Parallels off my machine in preparation for a change to Mountain Lion, but I believe you use the Control button instead of Command.


I am having the same issue. Has anyone figured out how to select all or skip to end with this configuration.

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BTW — using a MS keyboard and mouse and all other functions work properly. Hopefully another reader will have the answer. I was having the same issue and just figured out which keys to press for directional short cuts on a macbook pro while running Excel through Parallels. This should work for you! Good luck. Anyway I like your blog a lot. Keep it up. Well, I have Windows ticked. Then it tells me to add Parallel tools by ticking on the add button under Configure under Virtual machine. There is no add button under any of the icons in Virtual machine.

Then it suggests I hit the setup exe within windows 7. So so far have what looks like an exciting beginning but certainly no Parallels. No idea what could solve the problem. None of those promising boxes you show above are coming up either. The only other possibility is that i may have typed out the product key slightly wrong with Windows 7 though I checked it. Any ideas? Much appreciated. Hi I tried to follow this thread, but still it wont work out for me. I have install Ubuntu Maybe it ubunto Parallels Tools help page, just mention som prereqs for various linux system, that dont tell me much seems I not all new this stuff.

Anybody knows what to do?

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Cheers C. I recently installed the Parallels 5 Build Before that Parallels 5 was working great. Since the update I cannot reinstall Parallels Tools. Click OK to restart your virtual machine, and then try to install Parallels Tools again. And now I just have my virtual machine Windows XP in a small little box—quite useless. Can you help? I have been running Parallels just fine with Parellels and through the upgrade to 5.

On todays start up, an update appeared and I proceeded through the installation. When I canceled the installation, the next time I opened Parallels the screen was small and nothing worked. What to do!! Hi, wil windows xp sp2 work with parallel 5 on the new intel imac? If not, check their help forums. Good luck! Hi Dave, I wonder if you can help me. I have XP and Ubuntu 9. Tools is loaded for both.

  1. How to type CTRL + ALT + Delete on Mac with Parallels Desktop.
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I have just upgraded Ubuntu to v Any thoughts? Leonard, sorry to report that the only way I know to repartition a Mac hard disk is to reinstall the OS from scratch. I purchased the Mac with XP already loaded from Macmall.


An Excel Crossroads – Mac and Windows

I had them partition 85gb of hard drive space for the XP. So to start clean, I would have to remove XP and eliminate the partition, correct? How do you do that? I have a new intel Mac with XP loaded.

How to type CTRL + ALT + Delete on Mac with Parallels Desktop

I want to switch to Parallels and I am not sure what I need to do. I have been using Boot Camp. Do I need to re-install my Mac OS? How do you uninstall XP? Great post, really helpful.

Thanks so much. Try going to the Parallels site and asking their tech support people. If they have a solution, do post it here too for others to read. Good luck. Hi Dave, I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. Prior to doing so, I asked in the Apple store if Parallels 3 was compatible and I was told it was. Since I was already looking for an excuse to do this, I went ahead and purchased the upgrade disk. However, when I try to install the disk it tells me that I need to stop the version of Windows Vista I had running in 3.

Apparently, it was suspended when it was last shut down. What do I do? Attaboy, that makes me very anxious, actually. That should be safe. Will a wipe Drive or Clean type software work in either atmosphere? I think she is about to get into a train wreck with her plan of selective deletes because the MAC is her part time computer. Her PC knowledge is limited at best but I agreed to help her to find the answer. Any Help? Many Thanks. Many thanks — loading tools in windows sorted out the problem. Hello Friend, thanks very much for this tip. Save my life! I have had Parallels installed since it came out — running on my MacBook Pro and until a couple of weeks ago it worked famously.

I have it using my Boot Camp disk. The system has been shut down. But, like I said, I can use Windows XP just fine if I boot straight into it by holding down the option key when booting my Mac and choosing the Windows drive. I really want to be able to use Windows with Parallels without having to reboot during work if I can and would like to get this fixed as easily and quickly as possible.

I am setting up my new Intel Macbook, and have not yet set up Bootcamp to run various PC applications. Which partition format should I use? Many thanks, Alastair. THank you!!! Gar asked how to get beyond Crtl-Alt-Del in you virtual machine when running parallels on your Mac. To make it work, press Fn-Ctrl-Atl-Del. Thank you very much for this tips, everything works perfectly.

Windows 10 on a Mac using Parallels, using it as PC - Explorer would not start

First time here. Dave is great — and generous. I do not have sufficient disk space to run Parallels and need to reduce my Boot Camp partition. How do I do that and will I lose my software on the Boot Camp partition? I press it on my MacBook Pro and nothing happens! Just wanted to let you know — in the new release of Parallels, they have gotten rid of the VM menu.