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Part 1: How to sync Fitbit with iPhone

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The Bluetooth setting on your mobile device is on.

Charge HR not syncing with my Mac - Fitbit Community

Your mobile device isn't managing other Bluetooth connections. Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. Flag Post Message 5 of You seem to have completely missed the point. Syncing with the iPhone is not the problem - that works, although slowly. The problem is that I can not sync at all with my iMac. So, your response is not helpful. Flag Post Message 6 of Flag Post Message 7 of It is version that does not work with OS X If you read my message carefully, you would have seen that my wife can sync.

It was my iMac that would not. Now my iMac will sync but requires that I use the dongle. If you work for Fitbit, you need to tell your software developers to get busy on fixing Fitbit Connect so that it plays well with the Apple operating system. Recovery Runner. Flag Post Message 8 of Flag Post Message 9 of I found I had other earlier versions of Fitbit Connect on those computers. But it does require using the dongle.

I think version does not work with OS X Flag Post Message 10 of Flag Post Message 11 of Try the setup process again. If you can't set up after a restart, reboot your mobile device turn it off and then back on. If you can't set up after the reboot, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Fitbit app. Keep me posted.

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Flag Post Message 12 of I recognize that you are trying to help, but you aren't reading closely. Flag Post Message 13 of I'll be around. Flag Post Message 14 of Flag Post Message 15 of Click on the Done button after the syncing has been done. Now you can look at the Statistics. Step 8. Check whether the Bluetooth has been enabled. Fitbit does not sync with the iPhone if the Bluetooth has been disabled. Fitbit devices are really popular these days. They are useful to record and collect health data and meet various fitness goals.

And they may also stop working suddenly like any other device. This is because Fitbit is a sturdy and efficient piece of technology. It can be fixed and made proper again with the use of some effective methods. In case Fitbit tracker is not syncing or responding to movement or does not respond even where there is a charger, has a battery charge but is not lighting up or any other issue then it means that you have to restart the tracker.

Are you looking to fix a broken Fitbit? This can be done very easily.

How Do You Charge a Fitbit?

Each model of Fitbit can be fixed in a different way. Fixing a broken Fitbit can be done in a few steps as mentioned below:. You have to plug the charging cable into the USB port and insert the tracker into charging cable. A paper clip is to be inserted in the tiny pinhole on back of the charger. Press the pinhole with the paper clip for about 4 seconds. Fitbit will now be restarted.

A charging cable has to be plugged into the computer.

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One tracker has to be put into the charging cable. Also make sure the gold contacts on the tracker are aligning with the gold contacts on the inside of the charger. After removing the tracker from the charging cable, you have to press the button till it is switched on. The tracker is now reset and the Fitbit fixed.

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  • Remove the battery from the battery door and wait for 10 seconds. The Fitbit has been restarted and should work properly. One end of the charging cable is to be plugged into the USB port and the other end on the back of the Fitbit. The Fitbit will begin charging. You have to hold the button on the Fitbit till an icon and version number appears. Leave the button and remove the tracker from the charging cable.

    The device is now reset. Plug a base station or Fitbit USB dock into the computer. Now place a tracker on the dock. Lastly, you have to press the gold button on the bottom of the base station with a toothpick or pen tip. James is a freelance technology writer from London, U. He specializes in writing about Android, Cybersecurity, and Product Reviews. Notifications and Reminders to Move : You can set up the Notifications feature , which mirrors some of your phone's notifications on your Charge 2. Enabling Reminders to Move will cause your Fitbit to notify you if you haven't reached steps by 10 minutes to the hour.

    Lost Your Fitbit? Use Your iPhone to Track it Down

    Main Goal : This setting allows you to choose your primary fitness goal, including steps, distance, calories, active minutes, or floors climbed. Your choice will be prominently displayed on your Charge 2's main screen. Quick View : Your Charge 2's display can be set to turn on when you turn your wrist towards your body as if checking a watch. Toggle Quick View to enable this feature. Clock Display : Customize your Charge 2's main screen, where you can choose from a range of different clock styles. To find and enable these settings:.

    Tap the Account icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Under Devices , tap your Fitbit. Continue Reading.