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Support - Report Subversive bugs using Eclipse Bugzilla. Learn how to get help from the Subversive team and Subversive community members. Getting Involved - Get access to the project source code and development plans. Learn how to use Subversive API so as to integrate it with your projects. Project News Subversive 4.

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And of course we made a progress in stability and performance level, so, you're welcome to try the 4th version yourself. Subversive 3.

Subversive Features

For detailed explanation of API changes please visit this page. Download Learn More. They only require Eclipse 3. These are no longer going to be updated.


Latest Subclipse master branch is built and posted to a p2 repository which you can use to install the latest build. This is available via the following update site URL:. There are two implementations of this interface available:. This is the native implementation provided with Subversion itself. Subclipse provides the Java part of this, but you must have the native libraries installed, which means you also have to have the right version of those libraries installed for the version of Subclipse you are using.

Subclipse is able to provide an Eclipse plugin for Windows that includes the needed native DLL's, so installation on Windows is easy.

Home · subclipse/subclipse Wiki · GitHub

On Linux and Mac, due to differences in how library loading is handled, it is not possible to provide the libraries in a way that "just works". The best option is to install the native packages for your distribution. It is available via the Subclipse update site which makes it easy to install and use. Subclipse is developed and tested primarily against the native JavaHL implementation so that is what we recommend using when possible.

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The convenience of a pure Java implementation cannot be ignored though, so use whatever works best for you. Skip to content.

Using SVN on Mac OS via Subclipse

Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Now, you have Eclipse and Subclipse all setup! You'll see the following window pop up:.

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Your perspective should change as follows:. Click the icon with the SVN text and plus symbol see above. Enter your SVN repository in the window that opens up. Your SVN repository is:.

You should be prompted for a password. If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact CS Support. You should then see your repository show up. Enter the folder name specified by your course.