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The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list.

  1. 7 Grocery List App for iPhone and Android for Shopping.
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On the iPhone, Apple's Reminders app lets you make lists, and it syncs them to your iCloud account. You can share lists with others, so you and your housemate can use the same list, adding and deleting items as needed. Though you can't share from the iOS Reminders app; you'll need to do it on a Mac, or on the iCloud website.

And you can create as many lists as you want: You could set up one for each store, for example, or one for each person. On Android, you'll need to download Google Keep , which syncs lists to your Gmail account. Unfortunately, you can't share lists, at least not so more than one person can edit them. You can share them by email. With both iCloud and Google Keep, you can also access your lists on the web, so you can easily update them from a computer as well. This app lets you create to-do lists with due dates, alarms, and the works, but you can also use one or more lists for your groceries.

You can share lists with others who use the app, and they can add, edit and check items.

7 Grocery List App for iPhone and Android for Shopping.

When you've finished shopping, you can uncheck the completed items to use for your next trip to the supermarket, or delete the ones you don't need again. Apps like this are useful if you already use them for other task lists, and don't want a separate app just for groceries, but they lack the food-specific features of apps designed for groceries. AnyList free; iOS is a tool specifically designed for grocery lists and recipes. When you start typing to add a new item, AnyList displays an auto-complete list.

Tap an item to add it, and AnyList groups items in your list by store sections: Bakery, dairy, meat, frozen food, and so on. You can create multiple lists—one for each store you usually frequent—and you can share them with others who use the app. You can also add recipes, so each item needed gets added to your grocery list.

Different categories show when coupons are available, nudging you toward specific brands. You can scan barcodes to add items to a list, find local grocery stores for me, it only found certain chains, not all of the stores I shop at , and share lists, as well as access them on the web. If you're a coupon maven, you'll find this app practical. Add one or more item by merely pointing the camera at the bar and scanning it. Use advanced voice search for adding the items to the list.

Smart grocery list for Mac.

With this grocery app, you can search free coupons and email them to your friends as well as family members with ease. Offline : Yes Key Features : A new 21 st century look to the old-fashioned grocery list, Easy synchronize to all the online website and Simplifies the grocery shopping experience Download : Android iOS.

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Grocery Shopping with Ease allows you to make various lists for your product purchase to make it simple. The grocery list is shareable and comes with real-time synchronizing enabling you to be instant reach with your shopping pals. With this shopping app, you never run out of bread and butter again.

The features you need

This smartphone app is excellent for event planning and holiday shopping let you quickly add the quantities and measures as well as extra notes to make your list organized perfectly. You can easily make up a menu that contains the items of your shopping list with ingredients whenever you want.

With this great grocery app for Android and iOS, you can save money with ease by comparing the grocery deals available at your local grocery stores. Feature available in the app. Catch dinner on your table without spending more and effort. You can share the meal plan as well as a shopping plan with other across multiple devices. These apps carry much more than the list-making capabilities giving the people the assistance needed for proper purchase. Some of these apps have their inventory and allow you to order them online to get grocery item at your doorstep.

In the busy lifestyle, best grocery list app is a great assistant that can help you to save time, effort and sometimes help you to find the best deal and coupons. Ease the burden with the grocery app Android and simplify your walk to the nearby grocery store. With these grocery apps for Android and iOS, be smart and save time and money on your next shopping. Awesome, it is a very informative post. Above mentioned app are very helpful for grocery shopping online.

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  5. I have knew about an grocery app that is Groliste. It is great shopping list app. You can set the prices of food, add coupons, rearrange the categories to match the aisle order in your regular store. It is available on Google play for free.

    Installation Instructions

    Try broadening your scope and stop trying to pigeon whole your audience. My father and I do almost all of the shopping and almost all the cooking; have done for years. What we are looking for is a shopping list app that we can separate by store based on the ads and share from to know if something on the list was already purchased. I thought your article would be a nice read, but the very first line made me defensive for all the women out there sick of this male chauvinistic BS that, while women now work full-time jobs, they are still expected to be Suzi Homemaker as well.

    11 Best Grocery List Apps of - Helpful Shopping List Apps for Groceries

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