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I have now installed three Python versions on my Mac 3, 3. How do uninstall versions 3 and 3.

Removing Python From A Mac

Assuming you have installed the Version 2. Browse to the Python modules interpreted as the install process. To get the installed version of Python 3. Although it always described the latter as a "bonus" happening exactly always when oriented of Python's mappings are familiar.

Project details

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Uninstalling Python 3 on a Mac - Super User

Hello, I am running both Python 2. This was previously not an issue as I mainly used the python 2. However, in using packages specific to Python 3. Yes you should use Brew and i highly recommend pyenv Doing it Right pyenv is the best version management to use, and safe it do not mess with system Python installation. Examle Linux,work the same on Mac. Installed Python Thank you. For instance, I used brew to install Python 3 and it now appears under the results of brew list.

When I use pyenv global I get 'system' as output. It seems however that it is quite dumb and will accept nonsensical results such as 4. Therefore, how can I know what version of Python it is calling original 2. Bonus question, it seems that some packages can be installed using pip e. I feel that I am only making my situation worse every action I take. The point is when install with pyenv and set that version to global.

setuptools 0.8

The this is your main Python system version,and python and pip always point to this version. I guess I will have to read some more on this. I am getting different results on pip.

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